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African Animals
Pattern Packet
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African Animals  Pattern Packet
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  • The Title Page and Introduction Page - the title page includes a picture of the five boxes stacked on top of each other.  The intro page tells how this project came about.
  • Painting Instructions - 6 pages - includes lists of paints and brushes used for these boxes.
  • Monkey Box - 3 pages; 4 pictures including 6 different designs.
  • Cat Box - 3 pages; 6 pictures and 5 different designs.
  • Zebra Box - 2 pages; 2 pictures including 5 Zebras in a group and Dorothy repeated the design to make a border of Zebras around the sides of the box. 
  • Mixed Animal Box - 4 pages; 10 pictures including designs for a Giraffe with small Zebra; Guinea Fowl, Zebra with an Impala by its side, two more Guineas; a Giraffe drinking water; three more monkeys, three more guineas; and three elephants following in a row.
  • Elephant Box - 2 pages; 3 pictures including seven elephants following each other in a row.
  • Line Drawings for all the boxes - 18 pages 
    Project Level: Intermediate to Advanced
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