Meet the Artist


Creating art has the power to lift our moods and feed our spirits. I love color and design, and I love the "problem solving" that designing and painting projects brings to us.

I began my painting career in 1970, painting with Mary Jo Leisure and Peggy Hobbs at Village Tole House in Arlington, Texas. I have been an active member of the Society of Decorative Painters since 1973. I received my Certification in Decorative Painting in 1984. Decorative painting has been a very important part of my life: travel teaching, creating designs published by Gretchen Cagle, shop owner, and to this day I still teach, design and publish decorative designs.

Nowadays, you will find me teaching in a gallery in Abilene, Texas. The name of the gallery is Studio 13, owned and operated by artist and teacher, Mike Lanier. Studio 13 contains 14 different artists, sculptor and photographer. We all have busy schedules teaching, entering art shows, displaying and selling our art in the gallery. Since joining Studio 13, I have enjoyed and begun teaching portrait painting (people and pets), still life, landscape, and graphite paintings. You can contact me at 325-695-1549 for information concerning workshops or private lessons.

You can truly say that "art is my passion". I want to thank all of my painting friends and students for their continued encouragement and friendship. The art designs are always for you.

Dorothy is a teacher, designer, and publisher of decorative art workbooks.  Gretchen Cagle of Gretchen Cagle Publications, Inc. has published six instruction books, Art with Heart, Vol. 1 through 6, which Dorothy authored.  These books were sold in Hobby Lobby, Michaels, and painting shops around the country.  She began publishing her own workbooks - Welcome Wings I (Birds),  Welcome Wings II (Butterflies), and the latest one published in June, 2008 is titled Santa’s Helpers: Jennie, Jack and Jill.  

Some of my favorites...

Dorothy Whisenhunt, CDA
Blair was painted for the November, 2016 Abilene Creative Art Show held
in Abilene, Texas
Dorothy Whisenhunt, CDA
Mike Shuler Children - Mike Shuler is known as the "Piano Man". He plays the piano at special events all over the country.

Dorothy Whisenhunt, CDA
Graphite Painting of "Lauren"

"Splashing Through Life"
(Common Merganser Duck)

Dorothy Wisenhunt, CDA

Dorothy painted the Common Merganser duck for the
2014 Annual Creative Arts Club in Abilene, Texas.
The awards ceremony was March 13, 2014
and Dorothy won "Best of Show"!

Photo taken by Laura Meyers and used with permission.

Dorothy's new kitchen paintingDWhiz Designs by Dorothy Whisenhunt

The design is painted on 6" square limestone tiles. The picture is (30" W x 24" H). Align the tiles up on a flat surface and then transfer your design onto the tiles. Paint the design on the tiles while they are lying on a flat surface. When you finish painting the design, the tiles are placed on the wall behind the stove top and then the grout is added. I use the same technique I use when painting on wood: Sand, seal, paint with DecoArt Americana Acrylics, and finish with three coats of DecoArt satin varnish (after painting is dry). Creates a "Happy Spot" in your kitchen.

Dorothy Whisenhunt, CDA

Doris Whisenhunt, left, and Dorothy Whisenhunt CDA, right, viewing the entry "The Wild Ones" at the opening and reception of the DACA Museum in Atlanta, GA.  Dorothy was the winner of the 2007 international competition - the Decorative Arts Collection Joan Johnson Award of Excellence.  The entry depicts a wide range of animals from Africa.