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Old Glory  Pattern Packet
Product ID: 620-P


  • Pattern contains 5 pages
  • Palette and brushes listed
  • Color pictures
  • Full instructions and line drawing
  • Intermediate to Advanced
OLD GLORY (Our American Flag, Red Geraninums and Daisies)
The Design is painted on a wooden barrel stave (22" x 4 l/2"). 
Price: $7.00
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Girl Feeding Chickens  Pattern Packet
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Product ID: 713-A


Young Girl Feeding chickens in the barnyard is painted on 12" x 16" canvas.
Pattern includes 6 large color pictures, two worksheets, instructions, list of paints, brushes used and line drawing.


Price: $10.00
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Sweet Potato Vines & Light Bluegreen Butterfly  Pattern Packet
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Product ID: 1130-A


Sweet Potato Vines and Light Bluegreen Butterfly painted on a decorative  birdhouse.

  • Packet includes 4  large color pictures of the project 
  • One photo of an actual sweet potato vine with a pumpkin
  • Detailed painting Instructions,  lists of paints and brushes used
  • A piece of canvas for the butterfly cutout is included
  • Line Drawings 
Price: $7.00
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Christmas Trunk
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Product ID: 446-A


A Christmas Trunk decorated with White Magnolias/Christmas Holly  and a Mama Sheep with her babies aglow that night when The Star appeared to reveal the birth of Jesus. 

  • Trunk Size:  20" H x 25" L x 18" W - Purchased from Art and Betty Hall with http://www.woodcrafts.com  (They also offer a smaller version)
  • The Title Page includes an overall picture of the Christmas Trunk
  • Packet includes 17 pictures to aid you in painting the design
  • Wood preparation and painting instructions include 4 pages - lists the name of paints and brushes used for this project.
  • There are 5 line drawings -  Magnolias/Holly, Sheep, Bethlehem Skyline, Border Designs, and a bonus design and picture of large magnolia flower for an oval shaped box or picture.
  • Project Level: Intermediate to Advanced 
Price: $14.00
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Punched Tin Panel  Pattern Packet
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Product ID: 2801-A


Punched Tin Panel designs for 14” sheet metal panels.
Three different designs. 12” wide  x 16” tall.
Project Level: All Level

Price: $8.00
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Color/Grape Study  Pattern Packet
Product ID: 1401-A


Color/Grape Study designed for 12” wooden plate.
Project Level: Intermediate to Advanced
Price: $11.00
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Face and Rose Study  Pattern Packet
Product ID: 710-A


Face and Rose Study on wooden mirror or round box.
4 ¾” diameter and 2 ¼” handle.
Includes step-by-step worksheets.

Project Level: Intermediate to Advanced
Price: $9.00
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Roses on Gothic Alphabet  Pattern Packet
Product ID: 801-A


Roses on Gothic Alphabet designs 2” x 2”.
Painters choice of surface.
Project Level: All Levels
Price: $7.50
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