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Dorothy Whisenhunt, CDA
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Dorothy Whisenhunt, CDA

"Male and Female Cardinals"

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Dwhiz - Dorothy Whisenhunt, CDA

"Old Glory"

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DWhiz - Dorothy Whisenhunt, CDA

"Bluebird and Peach Blossoms"

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"Eastern Bluebird and Cardinal"
Dorothy Whisenhunt, CDA
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Dorothy Whisenhunt, CDA
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Photo of recent artwork...
(all paintings are oil except for the one graphite)
Dorothy Whisenhunt, CDA
Lauren is a Freshman attending Texas
A&M, at College Station, TX
Dorothy Whisenhunt, CDA
YaYa and Chalka:
Mother Cow and her calf, Chalka
Dorothy Whisenhunt, CDA
Blair was painted for the November, 2016 Abilene Creative Art Show held
in Abilene, Texas
Dorothy Whisenhunt, CDA
Mike Shuler Children - Mike Shuler is known as the "Piano Man". He plays the piano at special events all over the country.
Dorothy Whisenhunt, CDA
Ari and Merritt - Stan's nephew and niece.
Dorothy Whisenhunt, CDA
Baby Sam is painted with Raw Umber + White oils to create different values of brown tones. Reminds me of old photos.
Dorothy Whisenhunt, CDA
Larry Rol and Peaches of Rol Publishing Company, Greenville, Indiana.  This
graphite painting won first place in the
2016 Abilene Creative Arts Club


Art....  Creating art has the power to lift our moods and feed our spirits.  Folks paint for different reasons.  I have noticed young women usually want to paint for their homes or that special person who needs a gift; Granny wants to paint for her grandchildren; and some want to paint to relax and shake the world's everyday stress and strain.  I love color and design, and I love the "problem solving" that designing and painting projects brings to us.

Thanks to all of my painting friends for your continued encouragement and friendship.  The art designs are always for you.

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